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Cheadle, Cheadle Hulme

Didsbury, Gatley

Heald Green, Handforth


0161 283 6935

0795 644 3121


 94% passed 1st or 2nd time 

 Feb 2014 to Feb 2020

  MANUAL and AUTOMATIC driving lessons 


                           member of the South Manchester Association of Driving Instructors (SMADI)   


Lily Ogden from Handforth passed her driving test   FIRST TIME    

The friendly service and professional way of teaching made it easy for me to understand the processes of learning to drive and made me comfortable and not nervous, which allowed me to perfect every aspect of driving. 


Joe Newman from Cheadle passed his driving test   FIRST TIME    

Bernie made sure that every hour was spent usefully, no time-wasting or aimless driving but full-time tuition. I developed confidence in driving from the start with Bernie and was able to progress at a fast pace which suited me.


Lucy Jones from Timperley passed her driving test   FIRST TIME  

I was so happy with the tuition, advice, guidance and the confidence Bernie Price gave me from my first lesson. It gave me such a boost to my learning abilities and confidence.

Bernie’s advice and help was so important and I will always be grateful for his patience and expert training experience.


Maddie Corbishley from Gatley    


Cole Palmer from Heald Green    

I gave myself a very tight timeframe to pass my test, and it did take me a little time to begin to enjoy the training.

My instructor was quite traditional but his no-nonsense approach worked with me.  Thanks !


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Hana Williams from Handforth


Thomas Kiss from Gatley

I had a great experience whilst learning to drive with Bernie. He was patient but assertive when needed and I feel as though this resulted in me being a safer driver


Eesaa Khan from Heald Green passed his driving test   FIRST TIME    

I learnt something new every single lesson and I found Bernie’s teaching methods extremely effective. Personally, I believe that the most effective learning comes through mistakes that one makes. Bernie was always quick to point out any faults I had made during each lesson but never lost his patience and instead would provide solutions and advice for the future.


Josh Bowler from Handforth passed his driving test   FIRST TIME    

Bernie is a great instructor and I would 100% recommend him.   His motto is “Firm bit Fair” and that is exactly what he is.                He will tell you where you are going wrong without dressing it up, and will emphasise what you need to focus on in order to secure a test pass and be a safe, confident driver.


Lucy Walsh from East Didsbury passed her driving test   FIRST TIME    

I chose this driving school not only because my brother had passed first time with Bernie, but it also had good reviews and great pass rates

I enjoyed the training as it made me feel confident about my driving and I was actually less nervous than I thought I would be. It also made me realise that there is more to think about when learning to drive than I had anticipated.